Budgeting 101

We’ve all heard about the importance of having a budget (and sticking to it!); but, we do not often hear how to go about creating this budget. How much should we be spending on housing? What about fun money? It isn’t hard to make a budget balance; but making it balance and be in line … Continue reading Budgeting 101


Financial Goal Setting

Financial goals are the foundation of personal finance. Developing strategic financial goals creates a sense of clarity and direction of what you want to achieve. Success depends on your approach to setting and defining your goals. Financial goals should not be generic such as ‘setting aside an emergency fund’, ‘purchasing a home’, or ‘saving for … Continue reading Financial Goal Setting

Four Ways to Optimize Your Employee Benefits

Do any of the following appeal to you: High returns on your investment? No questions asked life insurance? Free massages? Have you fully evaluated your employer’s benefits to optimize your participation? Check out my latest blog for tips on what to consider when opting in and out of employer offered benefits.