The Savvy Saver


Welcome, (future/current) Savvy Savers!

I love anything to do with personal finances and money management. I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) with 10 years of Canadian tax, finance and accounting experience, both at a public accounting firm and in industry

I can talk forever  about financial strategy. In fact, I often offer advice and guidance to anyone who asks – from family members to people I’ve met on the bus! I have created this personal finance and lifestyle blog to educate, inspire and motivate people like you (young, successful professionals, who could be more financially savvy). I want to help you improve your financial literacy so you can strategize, execute and prosper.

I’m here to share my successes and challenges with savings and building wealth, as well as tips that have worked for me. In addition, I will also share tax advice to overall align with maximizing your savings. Please feel free to share experiences or ask me a question. I’m hoping that as well as being informative, this blog will spur thought and conversations regarding your financial well-being.

Get ready to get savvy with your savings!

~Anastasia Gazarek, The Savvy Saver

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